“Keep aligning your energy with the higher light, the light of your Soul, to reveal the highest Divine pathway for you in your life”



IET was brought to the world by Stevan Thayer, the founder of the Centre of Being in the U.S.

Formerly an engineer, a career he states he was very happy and successful in for a number of years, Stevan Thayer later experieced his own challenges in life and found himself seeking healing from different natural healing therapies. He went on to study energy healing and the benefits of different traditional energy healing therapies such as Reiki, Qi Gong, Acupuncture and Shiatsu. During this time he also began to experience the presence and healing gifts of 9 different Angels, the Healing Angels of the energy field. He was shown how each Angel represents different aspects and healing of the Divine and how each can help in different areas of our lives and help humanity as a whole.


Energy healing has always been an important part of eastern medicine and when someone is ill, the quality of the flow of energy in their body is determined first and in most cases pressure on acupressure points to release blocked energy is the main form of treatment.

IET uses a higher vibration of energy than traditional forms. It is the higher vibration of the Divine, the vibration that is needed in the world and by humanity at this time.


IET is a powerful yet very gentle healing therapy. It helps release trauma, stress and pain from the body. It brings Angelic Divine healing for emotional pain such as heartache, grief, fear, anxiety, healing for low self esteem, for shame, for effects of abuse and many other imprints in our bodies that result in physical pain, mental and physical illness and limiting beliefs. The IET therapist works on releasing the blocked energy in the energy meridian pathways and then channels Angelic healing to whats known as the 9 cellular memory areas of the body. When our energy is flowing freely in all the meridians and in our soul chakra we are in full health and we experience joy and happiness in life and we become open to great opportunities, relationships and abundance in all areas of our life.


You don’t need to have completed any other training to attend the Basic IET training day . You can take this training and all further levels of training for your own personal use, or you can train as an IET therapist. Those who wish to teach IET can progress to train as an IET Master Instructor. Many people attend the training so they can use the techniques and healing for their own physical and mental wellbeing. Others want to learn how to connect to Divine guidance and support in their lives and to calm their busy, or troubled minds.
People from all walks of life have attended my IET training courses over the past number of years….careworkers, parents, nurses, hospital staff, nutritionists, beauticians, kinesiologists, retail workers, office workers, some office managers, some office administrators, people in legal professions, writers, and a few other self employed people, working in the area of breakdown services and farming and many other people who don’t give themselves titles, people who are often the heart and soul of the community. It is a privilege to work with so many people and to assist them on their path in life. It is my passion to teach people how to connect with the Divine healing and energies that are constantly flowing to us. It brings me great joy to teach IET and to train others to teach this wonderful, simple yet powerful, practice.

See below for information on each of the IET training levels or retreat days. To book on any of the training days or retreat days, go to the page COURSES and click on the course you wish to select.


1 Day Basic training

On the basic training day, the student receives an attunement to the Angelic realm that allows them to clear and channel healing for physical and emotional problems.

They learn:

  • The history of IET
  • The 9 cellular memory areas of the body and the emotions held there
  • How to clear and release blocked energy and emotions
1 Day Intermediate training
On the Intermediate training, the student receives a second attunement that opens up the chakras in the palms of the hands, to allow the student to clear and heal on a deeper level, on the physical, emotional and mental level. They learn about the human energy field and how our conditioning and circumstances and events that happen to us in life can effect our energy flow both in a positive and negative way. They also learn how to clear the energy field of any imprints that are not for our highest good.
1 Day Advanced training
On the Advanced training the student receives a third attunement. The Advanced traning focuses on the Soul and our Soul chakra.
Each of us comes into the world, a beautiful soul full of love and light with our unique gifts, full of potential with no limitations.
During a lifetime, limits can be placed on us, we are guided in a particular direction, perhaps by parents or the education system or by societal and media pressures.
On the Advanced training the student learns how to clear and release any imprints that are blocking our Soul energy and this in turn allows all of our potential, our magnificence to come to our awareness and we can begin to see clearly the path ahead. We are more connected to the Divine and all the guidance, support and love that we need to live life to our full potential flows to us. New opportunities come in and we are aligned with health, happiness and Abundance. We begin to manifest more joy, better relationships, the finances, the home and the people in life that will support us on our lifes journey.

After completing the 3 levels of training the student is then certified as an Integrated energy therapist and registered at the Centre of Being.

2 Day Master Instructors training

The Master Instructors training will qualify you to teach the following IET classes:

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of training
  • Healing with Angels 1 Day workshops
  • Steps to Transformation
  • Higher steps to Transformation
  • IET for Pets
  • IET for Children
IET, Ann Keenaghan

The student receives an attunement that in turn allows them to attune others to the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of IET.


The attunement primarily benefits the student themselves as their vibration continues to rise and all areas of their lives are enhanced. The student learns new sacred geometry symbols and new techniques that they can use for their own benefit and empowerment. This enhances their healing work and opens up the path ahead to the most amazing opportunities. As their vibration is higher they attract in unlimited forms of abundance. Following the attunement for this level the student, now teacher, can activate and attune the 12 strand DNA of others. As each persons vibration rises, the vibration of the planet rises.


At an IET training class I attended, Stevan Thayer said that each time his vibration became higher, he was led to more wonderful events and places and guided to more wonderful people. I have found this has also been my story and continues to be. When I took the Basic IET training in 2004 I did it for my own healing and empowerment. I never intended to practice IET, and certainly never envisaged teaching it. It has been the most wonderful journey. In 2017 when I was invited by Stevan Thayer to to become a Trainer so I could train others to teach, I felt extremely privileged, especially as it was his last time to teach and I was the last student he attuned.


Shortly after completing the IET Trainers course in the U.S. a truly unexpected opportunity came my way. I was on a flight to China to visit my son when I found myself sitting beside a Chinese doctor and Master Instructor of Qi Gong and Taoist meditation. To read more about this “chance encounter” with Master Shaofan Zhu that led to my hosting his training events in Ireland each since you can visit my website


See my website for more information on how a soul connection that took place literally in the heavens resulted in my hosting Master Shaofan and assisting him in delivering 3 day Qi Gong and Taoist meditation training events in Ireland each year since our meeting.

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