I am a professional Kinesiologist with 12 years experience in the field of muscle testing and energy balancing. I have found the muscle testing techniques to be hugely effective in accessing information from the body, and finding out where in the body the energy may be blocked.

Kinesiology is based on Chinese medicine and the Chinese health care system, which primarily focuses on balancing the flow of energy in all of the energy meridian pathways in the body, to bring about healing and maintain optimum health and performance in all areas of life.

Whenever one is experiencing pain, illness, trauma, panic, anxiety, fear or stress, or when there is buried emotional pain such as anger, resentment, hurt, grief or low mood or a feeling of hopelessness then the energy is not flowing as it should.

What happens in a Kinesiology session?

When the areas where the energy is blocked have become clear, following a series of muscle tests ( muscle movements), I then work mainly on acupressure points on the body, with light touch, to release what needs to release to restore balance in the energy meridians. I work with the individual and if appropriate suggest some of the emotions that might be causing the energy imbalance, and in some cases the mood to be low. If a person does not feel like they want to talk, the energy treatment will still have amazing benefits. Sometimes a person can’t speak about their personal issues and that is perfect, the energy balancing will still happen. Our energy is our lifeforce and when it is restored to its natural flow, it not only nourishes all of the organs, the circulatory and other body systems, it nourishes the muscles, bones and blood and helps balance the hormones in both men and women, bringing about harmony in mind, body and spirit

There are other ways to balance our energy and achieve optimum health, such as using herbal medicine, taking proper nutrition daily and by exercising regularly. In recent years I have found that the practice of Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese movement practice is one of the most wonderful ways to give your energy an immediate boost, to instantly boost your immune system and at the same time tone and strengthen the body. Because the movements are done slowly it also helps to calm the mind and restore balance.



Experience true Relaxation through mindful movement

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Classes will take place at 7.30pm on the following Wednesdays : March 17,24,31 and April 7,14, 2021

Ann will teach you and guide you in practicing Emei Shen Zhan Gong, a 12 movement practice that nourishes all of the body, strengthens the bones, joints and muscles as well as the digestive, respiratory, nervous, immune and blood circulation system.

The practice helps bring unity of body, mind and spirit.
It helps purify the mind as you experience true relaxation.
It is a wonderful way of being brought into a meditative state, especially for those who find it difficult to practice mindfulness or meditation.

These Emei Qi Gong classes can be practiced by all ages and you do not need any particular level of fitness.

I am a student of Emei Qi Gong. I continue to train with Master Shaofan Zhu, a Chinese Qi Gong Master Instructor. He is also a doctor who has a practice in St Gallen in Switzerland, . Master Shaofan has a training school St Gallen also where he teaches Qi Gong and Taoist meditation. He holds a gold medal for martial arts in China, where he also trained in Qi Gong with the Fei family who have passed on the practice of Emei Qi Gong down through 14 generations. I have been privileged to host Qi Gong 3 and 4 day training events for Master Shaofan Zhu in Ireland since 2017, when I met him on a plane, while I was travelling to China to visit my son.

How can I learn Qi Gong and what are the benefits?

The practice Master Shaofan has taught in Ireland is called Shen Zhan Gong. It is a 12 movement practice. The movements are made with long stretching movements and done slowly, while paying attention to the body. Each movement is working on restoring the natural flow of energy in the 12 meridian pathways in the body. You don’t have to know anything about the meridians or physiology or anatomy to learn the Qi Gong movements. Simply by doing the movements you are working on the energy flow, releasing blocked energy and emotions and at the same time you are nourishing all of the body systems and calming the mind. Individual movements can be recommended for particular health issues and Chinese doctors will recommend certain Qi Gong movements for different issues or illnesses. Modern research has proven the benefits of certain Qi Gong practices, practices such as Shen Zhan Gong.

To find out more about Emei Qi Gong, and the benefits of Shen Zhan Gong and Píng Shuái Gong, an instant immune boosting exercise log on to my other website where you will find information on Master Shaofan Zhus’ training events in Ireland and his online training for 2021. You will find dates for classes that I teach in Galway and Spiddal on the Qi Gong website and also on this website. I have experience in teaching the Shen Zhan Gong 12 movements and in teaching meditation to staff of companies promoting corporate wellness. The classes have mainly been taught in person to groups, I am also available to teach online classes. Qi Gong is suitable for all ages and you don’t need any particular level of fitness to practice. Flexibility improves very quickly with practice as does overall physical and mental health, thereby improving performance in all areas of life.

Busy mind, can’t meditate, sit still or relax?

One of the most wonderful benefits of the 12 movement practice is that it can lead one easily into meditation which has also been proven by modern science to bring healing and balance to the individual and to enhance mental and physical performance. As the mind becomes calm, it brings one into a deeper connection with ones own spirit and ones own divinity. Better choices are made, we can tap into our own intutition and inner guidance and live life with passion and joy, as we start to live life to our full potential.

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See my website for more information on how a soul connection that took place literally in the heavens resulted in my hosting Master Shaofan and assisting him in delivering 3 day Qi Gong and Taoist meditation training events in Ireland each year since our meeting.

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