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If you would like to purchase a copy of my CD “Angel Healing Meditations, a series of soulful meditations I recorded in an Spidéal, a beautiful place in the heart of the Gaeltacht in Connemara click on the image or the button below to purchase.

Online Healing Meditation evenings - via Zoom

Weekly Angelic Healing  Meditations 

These 45 minute healing meditations take place on Sunday evenings at 8pm-8.45pm Irish time. Book individually or together.

 Book individually €10   or  book a series of 5 at €40 and save €10

Dates: Enquire for latest dates/availability. Tel./WhatsApp +87-6265613 or email

Brighid Healing and Abundance Meditations run periodically. Book individually €10

Ann will invite the Angels and Brighid to surround the group and bring Divine love, light, healing and guidance to all present. She will lead a guided relaxation where you will be gently and lovingly guided to relax from head to toe, taking you into a healing meditative state. Ann will hold the group in a sacred space throughout the evening. Take this time for yourself to be held and nurtured and to surrender your cares and fears to the Divine.



Experience true Relaxation through mindful movement

Open up to the flow of life with the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong. Release stress, find calm, and boost energy levels, immunity, and wellbeing with gentle mindful movements and Taoist meditation. Ann will teach you and guide you in practicing Emei Shen Zhan Gong, a 12 movement practice that nourishes all of the body, strengthens the bones, joints and muscles as well as the digestive, respiratory, nervous, immune and blood circulation system. The practice helps bring unity of body, mind and spirit. It helps purify the mind as you experience true relaxation. It is a wonderful way of being brought into a meditative state, especially for those who find it difficult to practice mindfulness or meditation. All welcome, no experience or fitness ability required.

5 week series of morning or evening classes costs €65 and are often fully booked. Drop-ins may be available but check availability first.

Mondays 10.30am:  Enquire for latest dates/availability. Tel./WhatsApp +87-6265613 or email

Tuesdays  7.30pm: Enquire for latest dates/availability. Tel./WhatsApp +87-6265613 or email

Intro to Qi Gong & Taoist meditation workshop (Occasional Sundays 10am - 1 PM, 3hrs with break | €70.

Info on 3-day Training events planned for September 2022 will be updated soon. Tel./WhatsApp +87-6265613 or email

Move and Breathe Studio, Moycullen
Grey corner building, PARKING AT BACK, opposite Centra. Eircode: H91 Y9N2

INSTRUCTOR: Ann Keenaghan

BOOKING via online shop here or contact: / TEL: 087-6265613



“To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”

– Lao Tzu

Why meditate?

With all the distractions, all the busyness and all the crazyness in the world, with all the challenges life brings, with all the fear and anxiety that can come, it has never been more important to find a way of bringing calm to the mind, a way of being in stillness, a way to relax and allow the body to restore and a way to nurture the soul.

There are so many benefits to meditation. People have found it helps relieve physical pain and it helps to heal the body from illness, as when we are in stillness and in a more relaxed state, the organs and all of the physical body is nurtured. More importantly the soul is nurtured and for that time that we are in stillness and when the mind becomes calmer we are more open to guidance, to clarity to inspiration and to Divine love, support and healing. Our mental ability is enhanced, our thinking becomes clearer, we make better decisions and life choices. Top athletes and leaders in the community and in business have found that their performance and mental clarity been enhanced dramaticaly.

Having a practice and techniques to recharge your energy when it gets a bit low or depleted is essential in life.
When your energy becomes low your mood can become low and depression or anxiety can set in.
When your energy rises your mood lifts and all of your being is filled with more light and vibrant energy.

Guided Meditation

If you would like to purchase a copy of my CD “Angel Healing Meditations, a series of soulful meditations I recorded in an Spidéal, a beautiful place in the heart of the Gaeltacht in Connemara click on the image at the top of this page to purchase a copy.

Do you feel you can’t relax, sit still or meditate?

Some people find that having tried sitting in stillness or listening to guided meditations they still cant “get it”.

The practice of Qi Gong is an excellent way of bringing calm to the mind and nurturing the body, the brain and all of the organs.

To find out more about Qi gong and in particular about the 12 movement practice of Shen Zhan Gong check out my website . The slowness of the movements, while paying attention to the part of the body that is moving, helps to calm the mind and after a 40 minute practice, a calmness descends on all of the person and at the same time all of the energy meridian pathways of the body are being worked on, re-aligning the physical body and balancing the flow of energy in the brain and in the body, thereby nurturing the blood flow, the circulation, the bones, ligaments, muscles and all of the organs.

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See my website for more information on how a soul connection that took place literally in the heavens resulted in my hosting Master Shaofan and assisting him in delivering 3 day Qi Gong and Taoist meditation training events in Ireland each year since our meeting.

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Email: or Tel: 0876265613